We are a young party rock band, aged 19 to 23, with our roots in Aich near Fürstenfeldbruck.

After we were already on stage together as a school band during our secondary school days, we started the project “Saustoi” after our last appearance in autumn 2015!

Since then we have been rocking the most diverse events and creating a good atmosphere for young and old. From party hits to the latest charts to modern rock boards – our four boys and our girl bring the Saustoi sound with electric guitars and squeezes now in the chicken and duck roasting AMMER-tent.


“Wirtshausmusi” WITH ERIK & OTTO every day between 12 and 5 pm
in the tent and garden

The two thoroughbred musicians, singers and music award winners have been professional on tour in Bavaria and internationally for over 30 years. ‘Erik Berthold’ played live on the stage of the Ammer chicken roasting company back in 1997, at that time as one of the first musicians, and has repeatedly performed successfully on the well-known stages, as well as on television and radio, with 200 live performances a year. His colleague ‘Otto Göttler’ has been nationally known since the 1990s with the ‘Bairisch Diatonic yodelling madness’ which still exists today and is versatile as the bedrock of Bavarian music cabaret. Known and unknown from all genres, including the Ammer song ‘Chicken Dream Team’ by the two musicians and various guest musicians, unplugged daily from 12:00, will be presented in the tent of the chicken brewery Ammer. The two singers and multi instrumentalists play, among other things, Styrian harmonica, guitar, double bass, violin, trumpet, zither, ukulele, mandolin, tuba, cajon. World music, old and humorous traditional Bavarian folk songs are sung, as well as more modern songs from the Alpine region, hits, Evergreens, swing and Irish folk songs.

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