We have been on our journey towards sustainability for a long time and have already achieved many intermediate goals along the way – also with the support of Ökoprofit Munich: We only use green electricity and try to further reduce our consumption wherever possible. We have a photovoltaic system and operate waste water treatment and water heat recovery. Our happiness primer best shows what organic-certified food and drinks we offer, preferably with partners from our region. And we attach great importance to an attractive selection of vegetarian and vegan offers. Most of our printed matter and paper materials used are produced in a climate-neutral manner and on recycled paper. And what you can do without – such as straws – we simply leave out.

It is important to us that no food is thrown away, which is why food that can no longer be sold is picked up by the hard-working helpers from Foodsharing Munich and distributed to the stations. At this point we would like to thank you for this wonderful voluntary commitment and cooperation. And our employees are also happy when they can take something home with them. Our fruit and vegetables, some of which we receive freshly pre-cut, have been delivered and processed for many years by the inclusion company Regenbogen Arbeit gGmbH from Munich, which offers people with disabilities specially adapted jobs.

This is just a small selection from our travel report, and we look forward to every next step – together with our partners, employees and you, dear guests. Because you too can be and remain valuable travel companions for us with your awareness and your decisions.

service providers

Flowers Adler

For every occasion, we implement our customers’ wishes in individual, hand-designed floral workpieces: from wedding floristry, flowers for all kinds of celebrations, floral decorations for a funeral service and the associated grave care, to flower subscriptions for corporate customers, private households, and doctor’s practices and home accessories. MORE

Rademacher Textile cleaning



Printer gfdruck

Our printed materials are produced in a climate-neutral manner. We avoid as little excess as possible and print on recycled paper. We work according to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council® FSC®, which take ecological, economic and social aspects into account in sustainable forest management. Standards that we permanently guarantee for our customers and thus give you the opportunity to print on appropriately certified papers.

SWM green electricity

The SWM are pacemakers of the energy transition. With M-Ökostrom you are doing good for the environment and driving the expansion of renewable energies. actively moving forward


Butcher Raab

The Raab butcher shop offers premium quality and strengthens the region. The Raab delicatessen butcher shop is aware of its regional responsibility as a regional local supplier at all times. For this reason, Auguste and Johann Raab process raw materials from the local region whenever possible and support companies, clubs and charitable organizations from their immediate regional environment. For the progressive-thinking entrepreneurial family, “regional is ideal” and “local supply is a piece of quality of life”.

Transpedal Bicycle Messenger

Our bicycle couriers ensure that your shipments are picked up and delivered quickly, reliably and in an environmentally friendly manner. The positive result of working with the car couriers is that city center orders often reach our bike couriers from there. There is therefore a certain balance in favor of environmental friendliness.


Gastro Schneider

Partner for glass, porcelain, kitchen appliances & more. Specialized in commercial kitchen projects and individual catering concepts. Whether it is about the redesign, conversion, modernization, or restructuring of hotels, restaurants, company canteens, themed restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, or kindergartens – we are there for you.


Winterhalter Tableware care

Winterhalter takes responsibility. We develop resource-saving and sustainable dishwashing solutions. Using innovative technology, we reduce water, electricity and cleaner consumption to a minimum. In addition, we attach great importance to material compliance, adherence to guidelines and certifications.


Moosacher Weinkistl

Contact us for more information.


Herzberger bakery

The Herzberg bakery has been baking organic breads and baked goods using artisanal methods since 1988. Our bakers create genuine taste experiences using natural raw materials, our in-house 3-stage organic rye sourdough and water from our own well. If possible, our flours are 100% Naturland or Demeter quality. Technical enzymes and chemical additives have no place in our baked goods.



organic butcher shop pichler

Processing organic meat is not enough for us, making the best of it has been our mission – for over 30 years. High-quality meat, select ingredients and our traditional recipes make our products something special. Our range consists exclusively of products from controlled organic farming or local hunting. As a family business and food manufacturer, we have a special responsibility towards our environment and society. We fundamentally reject factory farming and the use of chemical, synthetic and genetically modified ingredients. We promise transparency from animal to consumer.


Sunflower Family

The SunflowerFamily is, above all, a matter of the heart. We want to help shape the future of the organic industry and help raise it to a new level.


piller brezen

For more information please contact us.


Epos Biopartner

EPOS Bio Partner stands for ecologically produced food in large and small packages. No matter what you order from us, it is organic or wild-collected, ideally comes from the region and comes to your home with a lot of know-how: Personal contact – large selection – top service. All from a single source!


Turkeys Wallner

Our farm represents a closed cycle. From producing our own feed to generating electricity, we try to do everything from our own resources.


Poultry yard Graf

We are an organic poultry farm in the beautiful Erdinger Holzland. We raise our animals according to organic farming guidelines and slaughter and cut everything in our EU-certified slaughter and cutting rooms. Everything we offer is our own animals, which have been awarded the Bavarian organic seal, which stands for absolute regionality.


Altdorfer Organic meat

The most important principles of Altdorfer organic meat include: Naturland, one of the most important organic associations with around 3,500 producers in Germany, pursues a holistic ecological-social approach and much stricter organic guidelines than the EU organic regulation stipulates.


Organic farm cheese dairy Stroblberg

Food – produced by hand, processed locally, distributed ourselves – that sounds simple. What comes out of it is also simple – good. We live and work on the Stroblberger Hof, in Bairer Winkl, in the south of the Ebersberg district and are aware of our responsibility for our animals and the land. That’s why we work according to the strict guidelines of the Naturland Association.


Die Eiermacher

We have been producing organic ducks from Austria since 2017. From start to finish, we have built and established the entire production cycle according to organic guidelines in Austria. This makes us the first and only one in Europe with complete organic duck production.


Regenbogen Arbeit

Certified Quality: We have certificates for Organic Bavaria, Tested Quality Bavaria and Organic! Sustainability is a central theme for us: the raw materials are purchased regionally whenever possible. We have strong and personal connections to producers and farmers in the region. Rainbow Work gGmbH is a non-profit inclusion company.



Franz Stettner & SON

The Franz Stettner & Sohn company is one of the largest fine fruit distilleries in Bavaria. It all started with a bottle of lemon liqueur on July 12, 1949.



We care about the outstanding quality of our beer, tradition, and our Munich roots.




Sustainability is a big topic at SLYRS. That’s why we not only pay attention to the lowest possible energy consumption, but have also invested in a heat recovery concept.



Wine and brandies from organic farming. When our parents transferred responsibility for the vineyards and fruit fields to us over 30 years ago, we decided to grow our crops organically. Healthy soil – healthy plants – healthy people.


WINERY Machmer

Multiple award-winning organic winery in the Rheinhessen region


The Duke

A fine product begins with the selection of its ingredients. As an organic-certified company, we source our herbs and spices for gin production from purely organic farming. The full-bodied aromas of untreated juniper berries made this choice very easy for us.



Species-rich ecosystems are the basis for our standard of living and our quality of life. These ecosystems depend on each of their actors. That’s why we take measures to establish species-rich flora and fauna on our land.



Sustainability has been practiced at Adelholzener for a long time. Finally, Adelholzener Alpenquelle GmbH belongs 100% to the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent de Paul. The preservation of creation is a major concern of the religious community and therefore also of Adelholzener.



foodsharing muenchen

Food sharing is an initiative against this that was created in 2012
Food waste that “saves” food
that you would otherwise throw away.



Welcome TO THE TABLE! An initiative for more animal products from regional, organic farming and species-appropriate animal husbandry on the plates of Munich’s gastronomy. Because we don’t give a damn! Better eat this.




Takeaway food and drinks – no single-use waste. RECUP and REBOWL, which is Germany’s largest reusable system for the catering industry. Be there and go the reusable route with us.


Waste separation

We separate our garbage.


Das Wegwerfen von Lebensmitteln ist ein Problem, bei dem wir alle Teil der Lösung sein können. Mit Hilfe unserer App kannst du unverkaufte Lebensmittel aus deinen Lieblingsgeschäften und -restaurants retten.


Eco profit

The aim is to reduce operational emissions, conserve natural resources, increase eco-efficiency and increase awareness of the environment and sustainability. Companies that participate in ÖKOPROFIT reduce their environmental impact and reduce costs in the long term.



Slow Food aims to create a food world based on fair relationships, promoting biodiversity, climate and health, and enabling all people to live a life of dignity and joy.


gray water…

… system: Slightly contaminated wastewater from private households, which comes from showers, bathtubs and sinks. After being treated, gray water can be used as process water, for example for flushing toilets.

Our products

We pay attention to a vegan/vegetarian product range.

Excellent Bavarian festival tent

The “Excellent Bavarian Festival Tent” seal is a joint initiative of the Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry and DEHOGA Bayern e.V..



atmosfair is a climate protection organization with a focus on travel. We actively protect the climate, including by offsetting greenhouse gases through renewable energies.


Solar Panel

We use solar energy.

Water …

… preheating using our own chicken ovens.

Hand in Hand


Certified Quality: We have certificates for Organic Bavaria, Tested Quality Bavaria and Organic! Sustainability is a central theme for us: the raw materials are purchased regionally whenever possible. We have strong and personal connections to producers and farmers in the region. Rainbow Work gGmbH is a non-profit inclusion company.



Be my Eyes

Be My Eyes was developed to help blind and visually impaired people. The app connects a global community of blind and visually impaired people and volunteers who can see. Be My Eyes uses technology and helpfulness to support people with vision loss in their everyday lives.




The common goal of our young and experienced Zontians: to improve the status of women – including in legal, economic and health terms – and to stand side by side for a life with equality and without violence against women and girls.


Senior prices

We are reducing our prices for our guests in their prime. And we offer special senior dishes on our menu.

We also integrate refugees and also employ people in their prime, such as seniors. We support our employees in developing awareness through training. Idea competitions for sustainable ideas from employees are regularly integrated into the workflow.


50 great varieties of organic seeds – 100% seedproof. So you can harvest your own organic seeds from your plants and sow them again later. Just as good for beginners as for professionals! All varieties are suitable for the garden, balcony and raised beds. The seeds are available individually in bags or in seed boxes with several varieties.

Stadt.Land.Blüht: Organic seeds are available here directly in the shop or online as well as in the branches of the dm drugstores.


Felix Scheffel

Social sustainability through massages


We'll leave that out

Print materials

We say no to unnecessary printing and advertising materials

We do not use straws, save on any printouts, omit reservation vouchers and do without printed advertising materials.

No straws

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