"WIRTSHAUS"-Music with Eric & otto IN THE TENT AND BeerGARDEN,

“Wirtshaus” – music with Erik Berthold & Otto Göttler 

The two thoroughbred musicians, singers and music prize winners have been on tour in Bavaria and internationally for more than 30 years. Erik Berthold played live on the stage of the Hühnerbraterei Ammer back in 1997, at that time one of the first musicians, and with 200 live performances a year is always successful on the well-known stages, as well as on television and radio.

His colleague, Otto Göttler, has been known nationwide since the 1990s with the Bairisch Diatonic Jodel Madness, which still exists today, and as a veteran of the Bavarian music cabaret, is extremely active. Otto Göttler has overseen the culture tent ‘Hackerbrettl’ at the Munich summer festival ‘Tollwood’ for over 5 years.

Not to be forgotten from the home sound system, known and unknown from all genres, including the Ammer Song, Chicken Dream Team ‘by the two musicians and various guest musicians, unplugged daily from 12:00, presented in the Ammer tent.

The Wirtshausmusikanten, Erik Berthold & Otto Göttler ‘, present symphytic live music, with almost 1.ooo songs from their 3o year old tour experience, exclusively, unplugged with real instruments, guaranteed without playback and electronic balderdash.
The two singers and multi instrumentalists play, inter alia, Styrian harmonica, guitar, double bass, violin, trumpet, zither, ukulele, mandolin, tuba, cajon, u.s.w ..
We are singing world music and e.g. old, humorous traditional Bavarian folk songs (Fensterstock Hias, Frau Wirtin was samma denn schuidig ? Hinterdupfer Bene, Tölzer Schützenmarsch, Woidhansl….), as well as more modern songs from the Alps (Seiler and Speer, Rainhard Fendrich, STS, Wolfgang Ambros, Peter Kornelius, Spider Murphy Gang ……), hits and evergreens (Rote Lippen, Haberfeldtreiber, Marmorstein und Eisen bricht, Über den Wolken, Ja wir san mit’m Radl do, Heute hier morgen dort, Country Roads, Satisfaction, Boots are made for walking, La Bamba, Guantanamera, Chan Chan, On the road again, Que Serra, Oasis, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel), swing & international traditional as well as Irish folksongs, and much more.
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